As a full time teacher, full time mom, full time wife, full time housewife, full time fitness enthusiast, and an entrepreneur in the making, I can honestly say I understand the struggle of balancing motherhood and work. Did you notice I said full time?   How can that be possible? Well, for moms like us, who honestly try to be the best version of themselves in every role they take, it feels like each role is a full time job. I cannot sit here and tell you that I found the magic solution to perfectly balance the life of a busy mom, but I can definitely share 5 tips that have helped me keep my sanity.

  1. Plan your week.
    Start your week off on the right track. Easier said than done, I know! We often have the best intention to be as productive as possible during our week, but it’s so hard when you have been waking up at night to attend to your children, or when you went to bed late finishing up pending work, or when unexpected tasks get on the way of your regular work hours and you get home late and exhausted. All we can do is try our best by setting a clear routine and hope that it works out as planned.
    Take a few minutes to visualize your obligations for the following week. Also, try to plan and include your weekly dinners instead of figuring these out day by day (this will save you time and money). Write all these plans down and mark them on a calendar.
    If you have a partner, make sure you share your calendar with him/her. If you prefer technology, there are many great family calendar apps that you can both download and update as needed. This will help you be on the same page and delegate responsibilities ahead of time, such as who will pick up the kids from daycare or school, who will take kids to practice, who will be home first to get dinner started, etc.
  2. Set short term goals.
    Setting goals is great; however, we often focus on the long term goals without thinking on the action plan to accomplish them, which can result in failure and a feeling of guilt for not doing what we said we would do. For example, instead of overwhelming yourself with the goal to lose 20 pounds this year, focus on the short term goal to lose 2 pounds this week by following a specific nutrition plan. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the goal to exercise, focus on the short term goal to sign up at a gym or download an exercise program that you think you will enjoy and set your mind to exercise 3-4 times per week. In the process of setting these goals, please don’t create a huge and unrealistic to-do list. Instead, focus on 3-4 short term goals with the highest priority that you want to accomplish, give yourself a deadline, and check them off as you go. Following and completing a realistic to-do list will bring that wonderful feeling of satisfaction and the motivation to continue.
  3. Give your full attention to the task at hand.
    Whether you are at home or at work, distractions are everywhere (mostly nowadays with technology and social media). Even though it’s very tempting to grab our mobile device “really quick,” it is extremely important to be efficient and give the task at hand our full attention. If you’re at work, be fully at work and avoid taking care of personal business. As well, if you’re at home, be fully present during dinner time or during family time and forget about work, it will be there the next day. Yes, as moms we wear many different hats, but just think about what would happen if you try to wear them all the same time… they probably wouldn’t stay on for too long before the big tower of hats
  4. Enjoy your commute.
    Whether it’s a short time you spend on the road or a long time, it’s easy to feel like we are wasting time because there are so many things we could be doing. At this time, I’m going to ask you to change that mindset and think of your commute as free time.
    Just imagine the possibilities! If you’re alone, this can be your time to meditate, or to call that friend that you have ignored because you’ve been so busy, or to listen to your favorite music, podcast, or audio book. If you’re not alone because you pick up your kids right after work and have them with you, this can be the time to have amazing conversations with them and precious bonding time.
  5. Trust your motherly intuition.
    Trust that motherly intuition if you notice odd changes in your kids’ behaviors and you have a feeling these changes are a call for attention. Remember, if children are not getting enough positive attention, they will often recur to negative attention. Without them even understanding this concept, they know that some attention is better than nothing and they will find a way to obtain it.
    Lastly, the following is not a tip but a reminder.
    Even though the combination of motherhood and the pursuit of a professional career is often judged by others, I want to celebrate YOU hard working mom. I want to ask you to stop feeling guilty, you haven’t done anything wrong. If you are being judged for setting a great example for your children and other women, then I want to be judged
    too. If you are being judged for financially supporting your family, then I want to be judged too. If you’re being judged for using your talents and abilities in more than one way, then I want to be judged too. From one hard working mom to another, I admire you, I respect you, and I hope you found these tips helpful.

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