High-Quality, Leather Accessories

We are so happy to introduce to you a new store featuring high-quality leather: MexiKrafts. Mexikrafts has been a member of MommyCo since July 2020!

Blanca Sepulveda is the founder of MexiKrafts and also a wife and mother of 5.  Her love for leather began at an early age when her parents gifted her with a beautiful, leather backpack every year for school in Tijuana, Mexico. This love strengthened many years later after she fell in love with a design made by Cristina Orozco. That is when she realized she had a passion for Mexican leather products.

Blanca was a frequent shopper of Topalli’s, owned by Paola Zayas. Her love for Cristina Orozco handbags was eventually noticed and Paola invited her to become a distributor in San Diego, California. After much consideration, Blanca became the proud owner of 10 Orozco designs, and soon after created MexiKrafts.

Founder of MexiKrafts, Blanca Sepulveda

Blanca’s love for Mexican design and artisanal craft is clearly shown through MexiKrafts. While browsing her store you will find a range of exquisite leather bags and goods including purses, cross-body bags, wallets, passport holders, cosmetic bags, and more! These accessories include original pieces from well-known Mexican designers: Cristina Orozco and Carlota. 

Both designers incorporate beautiful and vibrant colors in their designs with high-quality leather. Orozco designs are known for their unique beading and embroidery; no two straps are made the same. Carlota designs are known for fun patterns that resemble the Mexican culture.

Besides selling fine leather products, MexiKrafts is also known for exceptional customer service. Blanca knows about the joy of owning a well-crafted handbag. She genuinely cares about helping customers find what they are looking for. If you love high-quality, leather accessories, then you definitely want to shop at MexiKrafts!

Visit MexiKrafts: https://www.mommyco.biz/store/mexikrafts/

High-Quality, Leather Accessories
High-Quality, Leather Accessories

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  • Bella

    1 year ago / March 2, 2021 @ 11:58 pm

    This store and her bags are amazing! 100% recommended!

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