Recently I mentioned how I’ve been using a daily planner to stay organized by planning out my day, my meals, and keeping track of my goals. I asked if you all would be interested in downloading a copy and so many of you responded expressing how helpful this planning sheet would be for you. I am so excited to announce that it’s now available to download! Using this planning sheet will add so much structure to even your most hectic days. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use it!

Start with your goals for today.

Write down what you’re hoping to accomplish. It can be something within your business or a project you’re working on at home. Anything you can think of that you want to finish by the end of the day. When we write our goals down we are able to revisit them throughout the day and get back on track if we ended up getting distracted. Under that, you have a section to write down any appointments or meetings you have for the day. Make sure to include what you have going on within your business and also at home. Any doctor’s appointments or extracurricular activities for the kids.

Expand on your goals.

Then you have your “I have to do today” section. This section is extra long for you to expand on your goals. Maybe there are several tasks that you have to accomplish in order to reach one of your goals. Make sure to add them all in this section. Maybe you want to make time to play with your kids for a little bit or take the dog for an extra-long walk, use this section for that too!

Plan out all of your meals.

To the left of the planning sheet, you have a section to plan out all of your meals for the day. It’ll be helpful to do this the night before or bright and early in the morning so you can defrost any meat or make sure you have all of the ingredients handy. Under that is where you can write out your grocery list. This will be helpful if you’re making a grocery run that day or if you want to write out all of the ingredients that you’ll need for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you planned above. You can even use this section to write down anything you run out of during the day and don’t want to forget to pick up. Once it’s time to hit the grocery store you can go back to gather these missing ingredients and make an actual list. 

Don’t forget your workout!

On the bottom left corner, you have a section for today’s workout. Write down if you plan to do a workout video, go for a jog, or anything else you like doing. You can even use this section to remember if today is leg or arm day. If it’s a rest day, don’t be afraid to add that either! On the upper right-hand corner you have a place to record how much water you’ve drank for the day. If you’ve been having trouble drinking 8 glasses a day this section will be so helpful for you! It’s so motivating to see yourself reaching the end. Add a checkmark, an “X” or color the circles in. 

Daily Household Chores.

Under that, you have a section for today’s chores. Sometimes when we’re working full-time, we get a little behind on our house chores or save them all for the weekend which may feel overwhelming. This section will help you keep track of what needs to be done around the house. If you know you’ll have a long or busy workday don’t overload this section with a bunch of chores and feel terrible if you didn’t get to them at the end of the day. This planning sheet is a great way to get a visual of everything you have going on for the day. If work will be intense, add only one chore or several quick ones so they feel more tangible. 

What’s in store for tomorrow?

The last section of this planning sheet is for your thoughts for tomorrow. This is a great time to reflect on the day. Think about how your day went and how you’re feeling about tomorrow. Try to keep it positive so you start the next day on a positive note. Even if the day didn’t go as you planned it you can say “I’m looking forward to accomplishing (insert goal) tomorrow”. You can also use this section to remind yourself of anything important that is going on, whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, or a trip you have planned.  I hope you enjoy this daily planner as much as I do. Let me know your thoughts on it and happy planning!

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